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Hands-on design approach.

I believe that design is meant to be acessible, from study to practice.

Since my days as a in-house product designer I stablished a hands-on design approach, where throught simple and buzzword-free moments I helped the team understand what it is and what design can do for them. Empowering people to apply design during their days made the discussions and ideation moments more interesting.

During my carrer I partnered with companies from different backgrounds using a transparent process, that proved to me that the value isn't in the name of the process, or in the buzzword we're using when talking to the client, the value is in doing, teaching and making the client learn what is that you're doing for their product work or sell better.

About me

Discovering a new market in brazil.

The discovery stage is the most important part of building a product, it’s when you do most of the critical research and find out what is that you’re going to build.

Along with a amazing team, I built the base of what is going to be a big part of the online car shopping in brazil.

Acelero is a Unidas backed startup, their goal is to offer a premium experience when buying cars online.


Fighting blindness through tech.

Eyecare is a startup that was born to democratize and transform access to eye health treatments.

Their goal is to transform eye care into an accessible and easy experience for everyone.

I was responsible for their brand and helped stablish the main look & feel of their first product.


Helping brazilian people find joy in managing their budgets.

Organizze is one of the biggest and most influential expense tracker app in Brazil, I had the opportunity to lead the design team and help with key design decisions.

During my time there as Design Lead, I was responsible for the visuals and experience of everything that was released when also thinking about the whole user experience with our brand, inside and outside the app.

This helped me think more holistic about the impact of some design decisions.

Shaping the future of a +20 years food company.

JD Foods (JD Alimentos in portuguese) is a regional food factory and supplier focused on B2B services, they are responsible for supplying supermarket chains and bakeries with baked goods.

I was responsible for leading the branding project as well as developing the concept and defining aspects of the whole brand experience with them.

Today this project is waiting to be released, during pandemic other aspects of the company needs more attention.

Not released